Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hello o o o o. I've been blogging, it's true, but over at

I know I used to have quite a few followers on this blog. I did not mean to abandon you all. Especially not for two years--more than two years.

The good news is it's not my fault. (Unless you consider that confusion around technology is my fault. I do not. I think it is genetic.) I didn't just get bored with blogging. Instead, I could not figure out how to get back into this blog. I could, like you, read the posts already there, but when I tried to log in to the dashboard, it would kick me back out.

That's why I began blogging at I'm having a great time over there: writing about research for my just-completed novel, The Color of Safety; a few film reviews (A very few, as we don't tend to get out to movies much.) I've written about other things, mostly racial and related to bigotry, things that catch my eye. Lately that's Rachel Dolezal's psychological, ethical and racial conundrums and, of course, Harper Lee's new/old novel, Go Set A Watchman. There's a lot more to look at in this rich rough draft of a novel, like reconsidering To Kill A Mockingbird.

It's such a delight to plunge into research on Harper Lee, seeking out her small writings, reading unauthorized but well researched biographies, and approaching her sideways, through research on those she knew or knows.

At any rate, I don't think it makes much sense to haul two comparable blogs side by side. I hope to see you on the other blog. I hope life is treating you all well. Take care of yourself. Join me there.


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