Thursday, February 18, 2016

Writing Work Ethic vs. Procrastination--and, of course, Burn Notice!

Okay, I'll finally got it. The Burn Notice obsession, the attempts to clean and organize the house, the decision to take up running--they're all about avoidance. 

This is because I am working on revisions of a novel that I both love and hate. It's got such wonderful parts, and I know what I'm trying to say matters, and yet, I do not want to approach it yet again, trying to fix it. 

Even though, this time, I can not only see it clearly, but I have this fabulous critique group to give me outsider eyes and pinpoint precisely how to fix the issues that have dogged this novel since the beginning. 

Or, I could just blow the damn thing up. 

P.S. This was not a How To post. I'm sure you are just as capable as I of writing avoidance--or any other kind.
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