Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving -

Thanksgiving. The child's fever is abating. Our friends insist that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so that, despite said child's illness, we can join them. My little one helped me make what turned out to be not one but two pie crusts. I have never used so much butter in my life. In a little bit, I'm about to start the pumpkin pies themselves. My writing critique group is so full of thanks for each other. The kittens continue to be a delight. I got to sleep in. I got a walk today. We live in walking distance from a lovely (though expensive) food coop. We can pay our bills, if we are very careful. Neither one of us has to go to work tonight at midnight, though, as always, my husband works tomorrow and as a parent, neither one of us ever really gets time off.

Israel and Hamas have signed a cease-fire. This is something to be hugely thankful for.

And for the writing. And the research. The joys of both.
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